“Internally” Threaded, “Externally” Threaded, & Push Pin Jewelry

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Chances are, if you’ve visited us here at SpiderBite, you’ve noticed that our jewelry looks a bit different than most traditional pieces. The jewelry we use is all implant grade titanium, which means that it’s very bio-compatible. For those with sensitive skin or metal allergies, this is a great thing! Additionally, the way our jewelry is put together is incredibly streamlined. This blog will dissect the terms we use in reference to our jewelry and why it would benefit your body to use it! Continue reading

Lettering In Tattoos

Blog By M. Mitera

Anything Joe’s?

One of the most complicated (and yet basic) types of tattoo is lettering. It can be extremely difficult to execute correctly and is one of the most sought after styles of tattoo today. Lettering can be used to remember a person, a favorite quote, or a special date. However, getting the right artist to do your lettering tattoo can be difficult. If done improperly, the letters can blend together over time. This can cause the phrase to become jumbled and hard to read. A meaningful tattoo should definitely not deteriorate over time. A touch up or two maybe but as we’ve said before, a tattoo is the only thing in your life that you will pay for and have forever. In order to help you out in your search for the best possible artist, we’ve put together a short list of do’s and do not’s when it comes to lettering tattoos.

I think you forgot something…

DO make sure that the phrase is spelled correctly! Most reputable tattoo artists will verify the spelling before you actually get the tattoo. This is incredibly important (obviously), as you don’t want your new tattoo misspelled. When this does occasionally happen, it can sometimes be fixed with removal procedures. But other times, the tattoo can be ruined, especially for the person wearing it. Double and triple check the spelling of your new tattoo before you get it inked on you!

DON’T make it too small! This is one of the big ones that we see here in the shop. Clients come in and want tiny little lettering and we have to dash their dreams by telling them no. We aren’t going to do a tattoo that we think won’t last… That’s just not fair to you. If you artist suggests making your lettering bigger, listen to them. This will increase the readability and shelf life of the tattoo.

DON’T ask for no outline. Outlines are what holds tattoos together over time. While a larger piece can hold up pretty well with no outline, small text will eventually blur and fade. This will leave your lettering tattoo looking much less awesome than the day that you got it.

DO remember that you want this to be legible and that human skin is not the same as paper. Crazy fonts with flourishes and large letters can become less legible and difficult to decipher. Be sure to check and double check that your font is easy to read!

DO think about your placement. Since the human body isn’t flat, you should plan your tattoo accordingly. It’s also important to note “high traffic areas”, such as the sides of the foot, in between the fingers, or the sides of the hands. These parts of the body get bumped and scratched a great deal, which means that your tattoo probably won’t hold up very well if you put it in these places. Add to that the fact that lettering has a tough time holding up and you’ve got a recipe for a sad looking tattoo.

DON’T get a tattoo in a foreign language without triple checking the meaning behind it. The last thing you want is your Chinese character tattoo to read “cheeseburger” when you meant it to say “hope”. And when it comes to lettering tattoos that use other languages, be sure to note any changes your chosen artist makes to the tattoo before you put it on you. Some languages have characters that change meaning with the slightest turn of a line.

Morgan’s Piercing Specials

If you’ve been sleeping on our Facebook, you probably haven’t noticed that our apprentice Morgan is cruising along in her studies to become a fully licensed piercer! She’s now offering numerous piercings and doing wonderfully! We’re happy with how far she’s come since starting back in the beginning of 2017. So we decided to try to let people know that we have an awesome piercer here that’s performing piercings at a discount just so that she can gain experience! Continue reading

Five Reasons We Don’t Pierce Cheeks

Blog By M. Mitera

I’ve written a few blogs regarding why we won’t perform certain piercings and why. Sometimes, there are just places that piercings will not work out. Snake eyes piercings, microdermals on the hands, the Ashley piercing. All of these have high rates of failure or prolonged healing times. As piercers, we won’t do these particular piercings because we don’t want our clients to have to deal with any negative repercussions. Continue reading

Watercolor Tattoos & Their Life Span

Blog By M. Mitera

Recently, Pintrest/Tumblr/Facebook have been flooded with videos of lovely tattoos that look like a watercolor painting. They are soft and colorful, with drippy looking details that people have fallen in love with. While tattoos usually focus on saturating specific areas with color, watercolor tattoos are created with a more gradual coloring technique. Continue reading

5 Piercings That Don’t Work (And Why)

Blog By M. Mitera

Obviously, we love piercings! We would never have chosen this career if we didn’t love what we do! And since we love what we do so much, there are some piercings that we just won’t perform here at Spider-Bite Body Piercing (and for good reasons). There are some piercings that can be done but won’t heal right or can have serious effects on the anatomy. Continue reading

Meet M. The Apprentice Piercer

Our piercers work very hard to make sure that our clients are taken care of but do you know why they do what they do? Our piercers Morgan and Farley work great together to bring clients amazing jewelry and happy, healthy piercings. If you haven’t met our piercers yet, this blog will introduce you to M, our current apprentice! She has been with us for about a year and a half and is getting so close to finishing her apprenticeship! We had her answer a few questions so clients could get to know her a bit better! Continue reading

How To Make Your Tattoo Live Forever

Blog By M. Mitera

Realistically, a tattoo is the only thing in your life that you’re going to buy and have forever. Not only does this mean that you should absolutely cough up a little extra cash to get that new piece ($20 tattoos look like they cost just that), it means that you should take care of it after it’s been put on your skin and healed up. Continue reading

Nostril Piercing Placement

Blog By M. Mitera

Besides lobes and the upper cartilage flat, the nostril is one of the most common piercings in the industry. There are so many clients who come in on the daily looking for nostril piercings. Some just get the traditional single stud, while others do double and even sometimes triple nostril piercings! Continue reading

Child Ear Piercing Policy

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We have many clients who come in looking for child ear piercings. Clients like these are awesome because they’re usually trying to avoid taking their little one to the mall to get pierced. The mall is not the recommended choice of body piercers so we appreciate it when clients come to us with their kids, asking if we pierce ear lobes on young clients. Continue reading