Children In The Shop

These two kids are not actually tattooed.

Blog By M. Mitera

Being an artist requires a certain level of concentration. When you come to our shop, you’re trusting us to pierce you or tattoo you and we want to give you our utmost attention to ensure that you get exactly what you want. There’s a lot of technical details in piercing and tattooing. We want to make sure we cover everything to make sure that you’re a happy client when you end up leaving. In order to do this, we need to have minimal distractions. Since our procedures are so delicate (piercing) or can take a long time (tattooing), there are a few things that can be a very serious distraction and the biggest one is unfortunately children.

In my college years, I spent some time as a preschool teacher’s assistant and spent a good deal of time around small children. I’ve come to to conclusion that kids are really bad at three main things; not touching things (especially if they’re told not to touch it), sitting still (for any period of time longer than four minutes), and staying quiet (forget about it if they’re bored or restricted). All three of these things are required in a tattoo shop. Of course, kids sometimes have to exhibit all of these traits like at the doctors office or if you have to bring them to the mechanic with you. But those are necessary trips, whereas a tattoo or piercing is a voluntary luxury that’s about you! You want your artist to be fully attentive to you and what you’re hoping to get from your new tattoo or piercing! You also have to think; have you ever been toted along to a friend’s tattoo appointment when you yourself weren’t getting tattooed? What did you end up doing? You get stuck on the couch for who knows how long, wishing that you stayed home so that you could be watching TV and eating snacks. For a child, that feeling is magnified tenfold. Their little bodies contain too much energy to sit on the couches in our lounge for more than ten minutes while their parents fill out paperwork for a future appointment, let alone the actual appointment.

This baby did not actually get his septum, bridge, and labret pierced. This is just a clever trick of the Internet.

Younger children don’t understand that they cannot run around the shop and that there are dangerous places, like the artist rooms as well as the adult shop that is attached to Spider-Bite. The artist rooms contain sharps boxes, sharp tools, needles, different kinds of cleaning agents and soaps, and many other things that are not kid friendly. The adult shop contains a great deal of glass shelving, as well as images that are not appropriate for a young child (in fact, you need to be 18+ with a valid ID to enter that area of the shop). If a parent is getting a procedure done, they usually are unable to keep a watchful eye on their child. And while every artist in the shop would be on the lookout for a little one if there was one in the shop, we all have our own clients to attend to and don’t want to be distracted. 

If possible, we ask that if you do have small children, please stop in when your little ones are not with you. It’s not that we don’t like kids, it’s simply that a tattoo shop is not the most age appropriate venue for very young kids. We want to make sure that you get the best tattoo/piercing possible and in order to do that, the artists need to focus intensely on your wishes as a client. Also, if you’ve ever noticed when you enter our shop that there are two large signs at both entrances that read “Any child that is in the shop unattended will be given a RedBull and a kazoo and sent home”… We’re not kidding. We have 16oz RedBull.


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call the shop or send us an email!


About the Author: M has been a professional blogger for six years and has contributed to various websites. When she is not writing, she is a professional body piercing apprentice. M can be reached at and you can find her piercing only blog HERE.

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