Halloween Piercing Specials

Blog By M. Mitera

Like we’ve said before, our favorite time of year is upon us! The shop has been decorated and we’re gearing up for the Halloween party on the 21st! 

In honor of the holiday and the party, we are offering specials on both tattoos and piercings! 

You can visit our tattoo specials HERE and read on to learn what the piercing discounts will be! These special deals will be offered from October 13th through the 15th and also on October 21st, so be sure to get in to the shop the next two weekend’s to take advantage of our holiday spirit.

To start off the sale, the shop will be offering 1/2 off on all of our black, orange, or Halloween designed novelty jewelry! For our black and orange jewelry, this does include the high quality titanium NeoMetal pieces that we initially pierce with so if you’re a fan of these colors, come get them now! We offer these stones in both prong and bezel settings, depending on your taste! And as for our novelty jewelry, we’re well stocked up on adorable spooky pieces that are perfect for any fully healed piercing! In addition to this jewelry sale, all of the solid 14k gold pieces in the case that are Halloween themed or contain the colors black and orange will be 25% off! You’ll definitely want to swing by to see the gold selection this weekend, as there are some pieces in there that are gorgeous and about to be on sale!

If you aren’t already aware, we have a piercing apprentice at the shop! Her name is Morgan and since she is an apprentice, she is offering certain special deals on piercings that she’s working on! As of right now, she is piercing the tragus, rook, and conch, all located within the ear! These three piercings are only $10 plus the cost of the jewelry you pick out! If you’re interested in taking advantage of this apprentice deal on the 13th through the 15th, please send Morgan an email as these specials are available by appointment only for the above dates! Morgan is normally in the shop Monday/Thursday/Friday from 12-5:30 and Tuesday/Wednesday from 2-5:30! If you have any questions regarding the apprentice specials, email Morgan at m@spider-bite.com or call the shop at (603)645-1449.

For our last Halloween weekend special, we will be offering a $10 discount on piercings if you bring a friend along with you! So if you and your friend have really been wanting to get your belly button pierced, this weekend would be perfect! If both of you come in together, you’ll each get $10 off! Especially since people love to come in pairs to get piercings (we all need some moral support!), this is a great special to take advantage of! Bring a friend on October 13th-October 15th and if you’re both getting pierced, you both get this special offer! This deal is only applicable to piercings that are not done by our apprentice.

This 14k gold black mother of pearl piece is 25% off!

If you have any questions about the specials we’re offering, don’t be afraid to call the shop or stop by! We’re looking forward to yet another awesome Halloween party on the 21st!

About the Author: M has been a professional blogger for six years and has contributed to various websites. When she is not writing, she is a professional body piercing apprentice. M can be reached at piercingsbymorgan@gmail.com and you can find her piercing only blog HERE.

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