You Get What You Pay For

When it comes to body modifications, buying high quality jewelry is an absolute necessity. Think about it, when you come to Spider-Bite to get a piercing you are creating an open wound. Would you rather put in cheap plastic and metals that can cause an allergic reaction or would you rather have jewelry that protects the integrity of your awesome new piercing? You need to baby your new piercing and treat it well for it to heal properly. Part of the healing process is using the proper jewelry.


Let me tell you a little story. When I was a little kid my mom took me to get my ears pierced at one of those booths in the mall. They pulled out the gun that had a sharpened gold plated stud and pierced my ear with that. I went home and a few days later my ear was puffy and leaking puss. My mom even had to squeeze out all the junk that came out of my ear! Talk about painful and gross! This could have easily been avoided. Years later I found out that I have an allergy to certain metals in the jewelry.


At Spider-Bite Tattoo & Body Piercing we use hollow needles to pierce and hypoallergenic titanium jewelry. Our jewelry is definitely more expensive than other shops and we like our customers to know why we say that fact with pride. In the tattooing and piercing industry it is common knowledge that “you get what you pay for”. So if you were to buy a $5 stud to put in your fresh piercing, chances are it was made with extremely cheap materials that can lead to infection and allergic reactions. Your body might not even accept the foreign material and attempt to reject it which can create scar tissue. When you have scar tissue, that area is damaged and can be more difficult to re-pierce in the future.


We recommend wearing only the jewelry that we carry. The companies used at Spider-Bite Tattoo & Body Piercing for high quality titanium and surgical steel  jewelry are:


Industrial Strength

NeoMetal Jewelry

NeoMetal Jewelry




For our 14K white, gold and rose jewelry we use the following companies:

Body Gems

Body Gems





When you buy any body jewelry from Spider-Bite you can rest at ease knowing you are getting an extremely high quality product that will help your piercing heal correctly and look amazing. So don’t shy away from paying a bit extra for jewelry that will last and treat your body right.


-Written By Dani Peasley, a freelance writer and fine artist from Contoocook, NH. She works with many different mediums such as colored pencils, oils, and acrylic paints. She is passionate about the tattooing and body modification industry and can be found in tattoo shops all over New Hampshire. Dani can be reached through email at:

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