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Picking a tattoo can be overwhelming. There’s so many different images to choose from, both on the internet and within your own mind. It can be daunting to try to settle on a single design, especially if it’s your first piece. Some people spend years deciding what their first tattoo will be. But there’s another step after picking the tattoo you want… Who’s going to do it? There are hundreds of tattoo artists out there who are able to tattoo beautiful images on to skin… And there are also hundreds of artists who could potentially make your first tattoo your most disliked. It’s very important to choose an artist based on a few different variables, which you can learn more about below!

  1. First things first, pick the tattoo you want. It helps to know most of the details but you can also work these out with the artist during your consultation. The most important things to have

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    in mind before you even step foot in a tattoo shop are to know the basic design that you want, whether you want it in shades of black/grey/white or color, and where the tattoo is going. Most other bits of the designing process can be decided upon while you talk to the artist. Once you discuss all of the finer points of the tattoo, your artist will draw up an image and show it to you to make sure that it’s what you want! This is where you change or correct anything the artist may have misunderstood during the consultation and you pick the final design!

  2. Do your research before going to the shops. Try to look through portfolios of artists in your area to determine if their style fits your idea. Some artists, like our own Jeff Lindh, specialize in American traditional work, with heavy black lines and a good amount of saturated color. Others, like our artist Bill Rhine, specialize in realistic work, producing tattoos that look more like photos than ink on skin. By looking through portfolios of local artists, you can get a feel for who has the style closest to the tattoo that you want. This is especially

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    important for bigger pieces and more specific images, such as portraits. You don’t want to go to just anyone for a portrait of a loved one so it’s important to look around and see which tattoo artists near you specialize in the style of tattoo that you want.

  3. Go in for a consultation once you find an artist that you like. It’s important to not only discuss your tattoo idea with the artist but be sure that you’re comfortable with them. Having a personable artist is a huge plus and can make your experience that much better! The artists at Tattoo Angus do their best to make you comfortable and happy during your consultation, your tattoo, and anything that may come after (aftercare speeches, touch ups, more tattoos, etc). Your consultation will also help the artist get a grasp on your ideas and allow them to come up with a drawing for you to okay. Sometimes, these consultations go so well that the clients gets tattooed the same day (schedule providing, of course). It’s very beneficial for clients to stop in for free consultations!
  4. Be prepared to spend money… Potentially more than you thought you would be spending. Good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not good. Please be aware that if a tattoo price

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    quote is high, it’s probably because it is a complicated piece or perhaps located in a rough part of the body (i.e. hands, feet, neck, etc). A tattoo is the only thing in your life that you will buy and have forever. Cars break down, houses get sold, clothing rips. But a tattoo is forever. While it is understandable that money can be tight, you don’t want your beautifully imagined tattoo to look like a glob of mold on a slice of bread.

  5. Keep your mind open! Some tattoos simply don’t work, for a number of reasons (location, size, font choice, too much going on in a small design, etc). By coming in to speak to an artist, you have to be willing to change your ideas to make the best possible tattoo! Our artists here at Tattoo Angus are very serious about getting you an amazing end result. They will not hesitate to tell a client that a tattoo may not stay because of it’s placement (like the inner-finger tattoos, they do NOT last long at all) but they are willing to work with clients to find a more suitable placement that will allow for a long lasting, gorgeous tattoo. It’s very important to keep your mind open to new ideas when you get a tattoo!

With so many options for artists out there, it can be tough! But that’s why we’re here! Our tattoo artists have a great deal of experience between them and each one has a different specialty

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than the next. This means that our artists are extremely diverse and can cover a wide range of tattoos, from Raymond’s fantastical creatures to Steve’s stunning panel pieces to Matt’s incredible Japanese influenced sleeves. If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, no matter what style, we recommend that you take a peek at our artist’s portfolios and maybe stop by the shop (located at 179 Elm St, Manchester NH) for your consultation! 

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us! And remember, we do not book appointments over the phone or internet for tattoos! Since the consultation is such an important part of the process, we require that you come in and speak with an artist to really get the ball rolling!

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About the Author: M has been a professional blogger for six years and has contributed to various websites. When she is not writing, she is a professional body piercing apprentice. M can be reached at and you can find her piercing only blog HERE.