Blog By M. Mitera

Many clients have a big question when they come in for a new piercing, specifically the nostril and certain ear piercings. “Which side should I pierce?” The majority of our clients have heard that piercing a certain side has a connotation to it. When it comes to piercings, there is no reasoning for one side or the other. Piercing your left ear doesn’t mean you support dinosaurs ruling the world and piercing the right side of your nose isn’t going to make people think you’re an advocate for worms to be able to vote.We have a few suggestions for clients when they ask us that question.

The most common thing we recommend is piercing the side that you take selfies on. Of course you want people to see your new piercing so why not put it on the side that people see the most of? You went through the process of getting the piercing and now it’s time to show it off! This can definitely be a good way to decide which side of your body you want your new piercing to be on. Gotta keep those selfies sparkly, right?

Not everyone takes tons of photos of themselves. We get that! Another way to help your decision is to place the piercing on the opposite (or same) side as where you part your hair! Whether your desire to offset the part or want to accentuate that side, both options work great and are totally up to you. When it comes to ear piercings and hair parts, we usually tend to recommend the opposite side of where you part your hair, so that it’s more noticeable to yourself and those around you!

There are some clients who only like to pierce and tattoo the left sides of their body, while others prefer symmetry. Some have no method to their piercing placements and just send it with whatever they’re feeling that day! But it is important to remember that there is indeed no secret meaning in placing your piercing on one side or the other. It is also worth mentioning that our piercers aren’t going to decide for you. There is the occasional client who says, “Put the piercing where ever! I trust you!” This is your piercing and you get to wear it. We want to make sure that you are happy with it!

Have questions? Our piercers are in the shop from 12-8, seven days a week. Come in to speak with them!