Blog By M. Mitera

Stretching your ears is a big deal. The smaller sizes are easier to care for but when you start to size up, caring for your lobes can be a whole new addition to your daily routine. Taking care of your ears is extremely important, since the skin is thinner with less blood flow. Making sure that your lobes are healthy is something to consider before you even start stretching. Remember to go slow, as well. Jumping sizes and stretching your ears incorrectly can lead to serious injury.

When stretching, please remember that tapers are not jewelry. Many people tend to resort to these when stretching their ears

because they are similar to what professional piercers use to stretch piercings. However, they are not intended to be worn for long periods of time. They snag, bump, and move around constantly, making it far more difficult for your ears to heal so that you can safely go to the next size. In regards to the material, these pieces are mostly acrylic, which can have many imperfections in them where bacteria and germs can get caught. This is not good for healing ears and can prolong healing time considerably. Going to see a professional to assist you in stretching your ears is the way to go to ensure the proper tools are used and the correct jewelry is installed. Single flared glass plugs are our preferred jewelry for the stretching process here at Spider-Bite Body Piercing.

When you get to your desired size, some people recommend taking jewelry out while sleeping. For many, this works well because their piercings don’t tend to close quickly. Leaving the jewelry out overnight provides more comfort, while additionally giving your lobes a break. Having the strain of jewelry on them all day can be a lot! Larger sized lobes are usually fine with leaving jewelry out, while smaller sizes tend to get smaller if the jewelry is removed for longer periods of time. If you are unsure whether or not your ears will stay the same size while you sleep, you can also opt to sleep with thin silicone “skins” in. They are squishy, comfortable, and affordable, plus they’ll hold your size while you rest. We carry them here at the shop!

In the morning, before you put your jewelry in for the day, using some sort of vitamin E oil on your lobes can be extremely beneficial to the area. Using a small amount of oil on clean hands, gently rub each lobe. It’s important to massage the skin, as it will not only help increase the blood flow to the area but it will help the skin retain it’s elasticity. If you’ve decided to stretch your ears, this can be a very helpful step to keeping your piercings healthy. We recommend using Bio Oil specifically, as it is very high quality. Even if you don’t remove your jewelry to sleep, you should occasionally oil your ears anyway!

Having healthy stretched ears is important. The potential issues that can arise from improper stretching include but aren’t limited to allergic reactions, severe trauma to the area where the tissue is permanently distorted (known as a blowout), large buildups of scar tissue, or even infection. Even when you get to your desired size, the upkeep of stretched ears is something that needs to be kept up with. If you have any questions about stretching ears (or other piercings), feel free to to call us or stop by the shop to talk to our piercers! We look forward to seeing you!