Booking Your Piercing Appointment

Scheduling appointments for piercing is something new to us and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding while we get things situated. To make things easier, here are some instructions on how our booking system works and how you should go about booking a time for a new adornment! Currently, Farley is in the shop Everyday except Monday and Wednesday.

At this time, WE ARE offering nasal and oral piercings. Please do practice social distancing while in the shop.Currently, we are not accepting clients under the age of 13.

  • The first step in booking your appointment is to pick the date and time that you would like. The day that you pick will dictate who your piercer will be. Farley is able to perform all services. 
  • Our piercer is not accepting clients under the age of 13 at this time.
  • Once you have picked your date and time, fill out your client information. The system will ask what service you are looking for. Select your service and continue through the booking process. 
  • Please note that certain piercings are labeled as “Single” or “Pair”. If you select “Single”, your appointment is only for a single piercing (for example, one earlobe). Selecting “Pair” will ensure your time for two piercings.
  • Once you have proceeded through your booking process, your piercers will be notified of your appointment. They will confirm it and if they have any questions, you will receive an additional email asking for clarification. Please be sure that all of your contact information is correct when filling out your request.
  • If the piercers have questions and you do not clarify the details of your appointment, you will be booked for what you have selected. If you wanted to book multiple piercings and made a mistake during the booking process, please correct it if you can or you let us know by emailing or

For more information regarding the rules that will be required while in the shop, please click here to visit our COVID-19 Shop Regulations page. There, you will find all of the information regarding how the shop will function once you arrive for your appointment.

Due to regulations set in place by the State of New Hampshire, we are not offering nasal or oral piercings/jewelry changes until further notice. We are also not accepting clients under the age of 13 at this time.