The tattoo industry has remained pretty much the same for a long time. Only recently have artists begun to really surge forward, looking for ways to improve their craft, connect more with their clients, and create a comfortable environment while simultaneously producing excellent work. This should be the goal for all artists, whether their medium is tattooing, water color paints, or metal working. There should always be a drive to improve and do things in a better way. With advances in technology, art, pop culture, and just the world in general, the body modification industry should be able to mold itself to cater to the needs of the people paying to have these procedures done. While social media isn’t for everyone, those who manage to utilize it correctly can absolutely see a correlation between their efforts online and the amount of business that they bring in. Staying low key on social media is fine but there’s no reason to knock someone for utilizing the world’s most looked at free advertisement board.

With information being so easily transferred, people now have the ability to locate an artist that they like, interact with them before meeting them, go over ideas, and get a feel for the person that will be marking them forever. Clients are more apt to visit an artist who interacts on social media with others because it makes them feel more comfortable. Anyone who is familiar with the tattoo industry knows that there are absolutely some negative stigmas about the business; from the old “tattoos are for convicts and promiscuous women” to people assuming that anyone with a tattoo has some sort of blood-borne illness. Obviously these things aren’t true and thankfully, the internet has helped to calm some of these ridiculous myths. The tattoo industry is no longer the Wild Wild West.

One of the largest benefits for tattoo artists who utilize this tool; clients are more apt to go to an artist with a large social media following as compared to one with a smaller follower count. And while follower count doesn’t always enforce talent, this scenario absolutely shows how much faith most people put in to social media. Of course, there are some artists who aren’t as talented as others, who have managed to amass a following and that can cause some concerns in the tattoo industry. If clients opt for artists with lots of followers without considering the quality of the work, that’s no good. But if an artist markets themselves properly and has the talent to back it up, social media platforms can literally make them famous. There are artists who have been tattooing for twenty or more years that don’t have nearly the clientele base that some of these younger, more tech savvy artists have managed to obtain.

By broadcasting your work on social media, you present yourself to the world. People know who you are before they even step foot in your shop, which means that they can decide that they want to go somewhere else if your online presence is poor. Whether or not the artist is a fan of social media platforms, the clients most certainly are. Since clients are the ones that pay for tattoos, it’s a good idea to use whatever tools you can to get them to come to you. In short, you can either let the internet control you or you can control the internet.

Social media has both positive and negative effects on the tattoo industry. While it can raise some concerns, it is in fact the largest offered free advertising tool that one can use to promote their business and themselves. Not taking advantage of this is fine but there is no reason to downplay the success of others on social media simply because it’s not for you. Social media is an enjoyable experience for both artist and client. The nicer you seem on your platforms, the more approachable you are in person, ultimately making you an appealing choice when a client is picking an artist.

Times are changing. It’s important to remain flexible and keep an open mind. Technological advances will continue to change the tattoo and piercing industry. There are new techniques and equipment being released every single day. To see a list of the top ten most popular tattoo artists on Instagram, click here. Some of these artists have well over a million followers… Which means thousands of people see their work every single day. That’s thousands of potential clients, thousands of potential portfolio pieces, and potentially thousands of dollars. And with many of their follower