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It’s our favorite time of year here at Spider-Bite! The leaves have started changing and the closer we get to Halloween, the happier we get! Soon, our shop will reflect our spooky moods with some festive decorations as we prepare for the best holiday of the year. Additionally, we will be offering numerous specials in honor of the holiday, including some awesome tattoo flash deals from our three amazing tattoo artists! Each artist has drawn up their own flash sheet with appropriate pricing for clients to look at, pick out their favorite, and get it tattooed October 13th – October 15th at the shop! Each artist has some awesome designs sketched out so check them out below and get ready for the best month of the year!

Jeff is offering pieces that are a bit different than the traditional Halloween tattoo flash! If you notice, there are no black cats this year. Jeff went a different direction with it, choosing instead to go with fancily dressed animals, mask-like faces, and a whole lot of burning cigarettes. Even though the designs may not be what some think of as “classic Halloween flash”, these awesome ideas clearly reflect Jeff’s attention to line work and traditional focused style! These tattoos will be offered in black and white for the pricing shown and can have color added to them for an additional price (Please stop by the shop for pricing questions regarding this sheet). 

Raymvnd might be a newer artist at the shop but his style is definitely something that you’ll want to check out for spooky tattoos! His attention to detail is fantastic, as you can see in these very horror-inspired flash sheets! Raymvnd enjoys a great deal of old school horror and you can see it reflected here, with an epic Nosfuratu as well as an Edgar Allen Poe, among other references. These designs are available in black and grey or in color so be sure to get in and book your spot today before Raymvnd books up for the 13th-15th! 

Dave is offering a few different pieces for his flash! He has gone the realistic route and has picked these awesome portraits! If you want one of them in black and grey, Dave is offering them for just $250 and full color is only $300 (size restrictions do apply – 6in x 7in max)! Dave is our best realism tattoo artist and will be thrilled to add one of these horror pieces to an already existing work in progress or for a first! Stop by and book your appointment today before time runs out! 

As always, please prepare yourself for your tattoo by getting a good night’s sleep, a good meal beforehand, and bring the appropriate documents with you the day you get tattooed! If you have any questions regarding the Halloween specials, please give us a call or stop by the shop (price quotes will not be given out over the phone if changes are being made to the original flash sheet designs). Please also stay tuned for piercing specials that we will have going on as well!

Happy Halloween!

About the Author: M has been a professional blogger for six years and has contributed to various websites. When she is not writing, she is a professional body piercing apprentice. M can be reached at and you can find her piercing only blog HERE.