I met with Jeff Lindh, a tattoo artist in the newly renovated Spider-Bite shop located at 179 Elm Street in Manchester, NH. We talked in the open and inviting lobby filled with custom artwork and Spider-Bite merchandise. They even have a cool bar area for the staff to eat and work on their computers with fun swivel chairs that appeal to my inner 4-year old. We sat down for a quick chat where I learned more about the culture and people behind Spider-Bite Tattoo & Body Piercing.


Jeff has been tattooing for about 2 years now, after a year long apprenticeship with Matt Wilcox at Tattoo Angus also located in Manchester, NH. He was born and raised in New Hampshire and also grew up in Manchester, staying close to his roots through the years. As a kid, Jeff was always interested in art; he started drawing and never looked back. He attended art school for a few semesters at NHIA in the illustration program but quickly found it was not for him. After years of practice and building up his portfolio he got the chance to apprentice at one of the best shops in New Hampshire, Tattoo Angus. His advice for young aspiring tattooers is simple: stop watching the popular tattoo TV shows and keep drawing, a lot! TV shows are all about people’s egos and are meant to entertain instead of showing the true reality of the tattooing industry. He also mentioned this no-brainer piece of advice; get tattooed as much as you can.


We moved on to talk about his style of tattooing and what kind of mediums that he uses outside of the shop.

“I like watercolor, I like wood burning, I like oils, regular pen and ink, all kinds of stuff. Whatever really I can get my hands on.”

As for his tattooing style, Jeff prefers Traditional Americana style which features bold, clean outlines and saturated colors that stand the test of time. He also enjoys creating black and grey tattoos as well.


Outside the shop, Jeff tries to get out into the wilderness as much as he can. He frequently goes on backpacking hikes all year around. Even during the winter months, Jeff likes to try to get away from the city life. When I asked him which tattoo was his favorite that he personally has inked, he thought for a moment, looked down at his arms and then lifted his shirt to reveal a big stomach piece. This tattoo was a celebration of the end of his apprenticeship, marking his skin with beautiful traditional style horses tattooed by his mentor Matt.


The last question I asked Jeff was the question I was most interested to hear. Being a heavily tattooed person myself, I wanted to know what tattoos and body modifications mean to him, why they are important to him. His response wasn’t so different than my own;

“I’m a collector, so I like to collect art from different artists that I admire, their work and stuff, you know what I mean? It’s not like all about the memories and the feelings, it’s where I am in that point in time. I’m hanging out with my buddy that tattoos and I wanna get something and I look at that tattoo, I’m like oh, we hung out that weekend, I remember that stuff.”

Jeff Lindh

Artist, Jeff Lindh


Steam Punk Bird


Hand Dagger









In the next coming weeks, I will be interviewing all the staff here at Spider-Bite Tattoo & Body Piercing to get to know the flavor and culture of this unique shop. Follow our blog and keep an eye out for more posts about our staff!

Interviewed and written by Dani Peasley,  a freelance writer and fine artist from Contoocook, NH. She is passionate about the tattooing and body modification industry and can be found in tattoo shops all over New Hampshire. Dani can be reached through email at: myrandomcat@gmail.com


Dani Peasley

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