Blog By M.

Recently, Spider-Bite acquired a new artist! With our larger work space, we can accommodate far more artists than we used to and we are happy to add a very talented individual to our already awesome team! Raymvnd hails from the snowy north and graduated from Montserrat College of Art with a BFA in Illustration and Fine Arts.

When Raymvnd isn’t tattooing, he spends his free time drawing, sculpting, and painting. He forever adding new pieces to his portfolio and thinking of new ideas to tattoo on interesting clients! Since he spends his time drawing, his skills have only gotten better over the years, coupled with an overall awesome attitude! He is also a fan of Disney animation, video games, tabletop games, camping, and he plays guitar.

Raymvnd has been tattooing since early in 2007 and has progressed greatly over the years. He has worked in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Louisiana. Like many artists, he found his niche with neo-traditional style tattoos. He also prefers the bold Japanese traditional style of tattoo along with a fondness for the more illustrative side of tattooing. While Raymvnd will gladly tackle any idea that is presented to him, his strong points lie in science fiction tattoos along with floral patterns, abstract designs, and deep blacks with an emphasis on strong line-work. Abstract bio-mechanical tattoos are also a favorite of his. For those interested in a fantastical piece full of color that will last a lifetime, Raymvnd is definitely the artist to consult!

For those who are looking to be a tattoo artist, Raymvnd offers a bit of advice; draw, sculpt, paint, write, think differently. Go places and see everything. Read. Browse images on the internet. Never copy another artists work but take inspiration from their art. Be sure to make your own way and always stay humble. Use quality tools, machines, and ink. Be an artist because tattooing is an art. 

Even though Raymvnd is new to the shop, he has gathered a great deal of clients already. If you’re interested in booking with Raymvnd, we highly recommend that you stop by the shop and reserve your spot!