There isn’t a spot on the human body that hasn’t been tattooed at this point. Some of these tattoos are done just for the hell of it but some people do want tattoos in places that just aren’t the best spot. Some areas just don’t hold ink, like the sides of your hands and feet. Some places are just crazy and we won’t go in to too much detail about that. But you get the idea. Tattoos can basically go anywhere. While some of these placement ideas are silly and fun, some are just straight up a bad plan. What we mean is hands, neck, and face tattoos. These areas cannot be hidden with a professional outfit and will almost always be visible to everyone around you. We refer to tattoos in these places as “job stoppers”.

Even in the year 2019, there is still a great deal of negative stigma surrounding heavily tattooed people. Of course, it’s getting easier for heavily modded people to be accepted in to mainstream society but there are still some setbacks. Getting jobs, especially, can be difficult if you’re heavily tattooed, unless you’re able to cover your work with a professional outfit. Many people in more professional fields with tattoos usually stop a bit above the wrist line or the elbow, allowing their clothing to cover any work that they might have done. With neck, hands, and face, however, there is no way to cover them with clothing. There is the makeup route but having makeup on your hands constantly won’t fool anyone and the time you spend trying to hide them in the mornings won’t be worth it.

We understand that it’s your body and you can do what you want. It’s our mission to make sure that you understand the gravity of these locations when it comes to tattoos. Not only might they hinder job opportunities but these areas require much more upkeep. Since we use our hands so much, the skin exfoliates very rapidly, meaning the ink will eventually fall out as well. Necks must also be touched up quite often and for those with face tattoos that exfoliate, fading can be an issue down the road. And even though we love to take your money, we don’t want to have to see you every few months with a tattoo that needs help. It puts stress on you and doesn’t look great on us. Our goal is for both client and artist to be satisfied with the experience!

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, it’s so important to plan exactly where you want to put it. Hand and neck tattoos look amazing when done right but you don’t want to put yourself in a position where you jeopardize your future career. We absolutely love to give people great tattoos but we also understand that paychecks are really cool as well and you need those in order to come see us anyway! By choosing the proper place for your new piece, you can ensure that you’ll be able to be employed in the area of your preference without having to worry about someone acting negatively towards you simply because you have decorated skin. Want to get a professional opinion on where you should place your tattoo? Stop by Tattoo Angus and see us! We have artists available seven days a week, 12pm-8pm and we would love to help you decide on your next tattoo. We’ll see you soon!