Over the course of the last few years, the piercing staff here at Spider-Bite, Inc have worked hard to improve their jewelry selection, client interactions, and overall process. Their goal is to provide every client with a wonderful experience. Recently, they have shifted their focus to making sure that young clients are included in this as well. At Spider-Bite, we pierce earlobes on children as young as seven years old. We have very specific reasons for not piercing children younger than that and the biggest reason is their ability to consent to the procedure.

Children are very impressionable and many times, get the idea to get their ears pierced from a friend at school or seeing it in the media, like on a Disney princess. And what little girl doesn’t want to look like a princess? Not many will say no to that. But what they don’t usually understand very well is that the process to get those pretty shiny ears is painful and requires a level of responsibility that not all young children possess. The actual piercing takes just a few seconds but weeks of aftercare is not always something that younger clients can keep up with. If a child is too young to actually consent to the procedure, they may not understand how to properly care for their piercing which can lead to problems, including but not limited to infection.

To get earlobe piercings with us, we require that the child meet with the piercers beforehand to go over what will happen. There is a series of questions that we ask in order to see if the child knows what is happening, is fully aware of all of the variables, and is absolutely sure that they want to go through with it. Any hesitation or answering a question with a response that hints that they are not fully understanding the situation, we will typically recommend waiting a bit longer. It is very important to the shop, the body piercers, the child, and the parents that everyone involved in the piercing is comfortable and able to make their own choices.

At some point in their lives, children will have to learn the importance of consent. In this day and age, that lesson needs to be taught far earlier than it has been in the past. Being able to decide if they think they’re ready for this is a big step in responsibility. Children that straight up say that they are not ready are extremely responsible. They recognize that they won’t be able to go through with it. Treating young clients this way (like they’re actual adults) is a wonderful way to prepare them for other situations in the world where they might feel pressured to do something by outside variables and can consciously make the choice to do what’s better for them, not for those around them. We value this lesson immensely and hope that you as parents do as well.

If you have any questions regarding our young client policy, please feel free to read our other blogs about the topic, call, or stop by the shop. We will gladly explain our process to you and walk you through everything so that you and your child are comfortable, consenting, and happy with the piercings! You can reach the shop at (603)645-1449 or stop by 179 Elm St. in Manchester, NH seven days a week from twelve to eight.