Blog By M. Mitera

As many of you know, we recently lost an amazing person and tattoo artist, Bill Rhine. He was a wonderful part of the tattoo community and an all around great guy. In his tattooing career, he left a mark on hundreds of clients, both in the form of the tattoos he did and his incredible bedside manner. While you sat with him, he made you feel comfortable. Whether it was your first tattoo or your thirtieth, he made sure that you felt at home. Many of his clients shared his love of comics and collecting, as well as animals. He related to his clients, making him a great person to talk to.

Recently, the Live Free Or Die Tattoo Expo was hosted at the Double Tree by Hilton in Manchester. For years, Bill attended this event and tirelessly tattooed from open until close. He won many awards for his work but always remained humble about the talent he possessed. One of his most notable pieces was an entire back piece, based on horror movies. The time and effort he put in to the piece was out of this world. It won awards in 2018 as well as 2019, where the award was given posthumously. It was an emotional moment at the convention for many of the attendees who knew Bill and missed his absence this year. Even though he wasn’t with us physically, there was a booth made up for him where people could stop and remember him.

Bill was not the only artist that the tattoo community lost this year but the loss of this great man hit the local community hard. He had worked in many shops and gone to conventions around the country. He will be missed dearly by his family, his coworkers at Tattoo Angus, and the clients he tattooed. If you were a client of Bill’s, be sure to cherish the work that he did for you. Remember the conversations that you had while you sat with him.

We miss you, Bill.