Saline Compresses for Problem Piercings

There are many factors as to why a piercing can get angry during the healing process. The world that we live in is full of germs and bacteria. Our piercers go over aftercare in depth after every piercing to ensure that their clients know how to care for the new adornment but things happen. Piercings get angry. Unfortunately, the internet has presented some severely harsh ways to “cure” angry piercings. We want to share our recommended process, which is very simple and easy for your body to handle without damaging anything.

If you notice that your piercing is a bit red, maybe a little tender, or perhaps even forming an irritation bump, it’s important that you address it immediately. We always suggest coming in to the shop to see our piercers directly, as it’s easier to make a game plan for these problems in person. But we understand that not everyone can always get to us or even the clients that do are presented with a great deal of information. That’s why we have compiled these instructions for your convenience.

Firstly, be sure that you have a bottle of sterile saline solution. We do not suggest mixing your own solution at any time. NeilMed Wound Wash works great and we sell it at the shop but there are other kinds of wound wash that can be bought at pharmacies. Check the label to ensure that there are no additives in the saline solution (sometimes the products contain aloe or lidocaine). Second, buy a box of sterile 2×2 gauze pads. Again, be sure to check the labels, as some gauze pads have additives in them. You want to be sure that there are none. As we said before, we suggest the simplest solutions be used on your piercings.

Now, twice a day (ideally), wash your hands, take one of the gauze pads, and completely saturate it with the sterile saline. It should not be dripping wet, but enough to bind all of the fibers of the gauze together. Unfold the gauze and then gently hold it on the piercing, making sure that the piercing site is coming in to contact with the gauze pad. Hold the gauze there for ten minutes. The dryness of the saline will help to weep out any irritants that are stuck in the piercing (lint, bacteria, etc) out. If you notice any smears or gross things on the gauze when you pull it away from the piercing, don’t worry. That’s a sign that the compress is working and drawing those irritants out. Doing this once a day can help but we do suggest doing it twice, just to make sure that you’re giving your piercing a nice deep clean.

In addition to the gauze pad compresses, please be sure to continue to follow our recommended aftercare regimen, which can be found HERE. Our piercers are in the shop every day from 12-8 and would be happy to assist you with a new piercing, jewelry upgrade, or troubleshooting a problem. Come by and see them or feel free to send us an email;