“Internally” Threaded, “Externally” Threaded, & Push Pin Jewelry

Blog By M. Mitera

Chances are, if you’ve visited us here at SpiderBite, you’ve noticed that our jewelry looks a bit different than most traditional pieces. The jewelry we use is all implant grade titanium, which means that it’s very bio-compatible. For those with sensitive skin or metal allergies, this is a great thing! Additionally, the way our jewelry is put together is incredibly streamlined. This blog will dissect the terms we use in reference to our jewelry and why it would benefit your body to use it!

We will start with the most common; push pin jewelry. This style is the most commonly used for noses, earlobes, cartilage flats, labrets, and tragus piercings. While it can be tricky to remove and replace this jewelry by yourself the first few times you try it, these pieces are incredibly comfortable to wear. The backing is a post (sized to fit your anatomy) with a flat disc on the end. The gemstone has a small pin on the back of it, which we put a bend in. When inserted in to the post, the bend of the pin puts pressure on the inside of the post. This makes it so that the gemstone stays put. To remove the jewelry, you simply brace the back of the jewelry, perhaps with your fingers or a clean pair of tweezers, and pull the gemstone straight away from the post. It will just pop off! Push pins are great for smaller sized piercings, such as lobes, labrets, and nostrils.

If you’re the kind of person that prefers jewelry that screws together and you come to us, we will sell you jewelry that is internally threaded. What does this mean, you may be asking yourself. Well, when you insert jewelry, a piece of it needs to go through the fistula (a fistula is a passage made between two hollow organs, a technical name for a piercing). When using our jewelry, the piece that you insert in to the piercing is smooth with a mirror finish. Using this type of jewelry is the best for your piercing, as it causes minimal irritation and trauma upon insertion. Internally threaded jewelry can be used for all sorts of piercings, including (but not limited to) earlobes,

Now, we move on to what is called “externally threaded jewelry”. Lower quality pieces (more often than not made of mystery metals) tend to be made in this style. This type of jewelry has threading that must pass through the piercing. This can act much like a small saw blade, causing micro-tears throughout the fistula. Bacteria and other irritants can get in to those rips and irritate the piercing. This can definitely cause issues during the healing process but can also have an effect on healed piercings as well. Constant jewelry changes with externally threaded jewelry can absolutely have a detrimental effect on even the most “healed” piercings. This lower quality jewelry might be appealing because of the lower price tag but remember; this jewelry is going in to your body. You only get one of those and you should definitely treat it with love!

There are many kinds of piercings and many different kinds of jewelry to put in them. Our goal here at SpiderBite is to make sure that your piercing not only heals healthy but stays that way. Seeing our clients have problems doesn’t make us happy. If you have questions about jewelry quality and the pieces that we use here at the shop, please don’t hesitate to call or stop by. Our piercers are here seven days a week to assist with all of your piercing needs!

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