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If you’ve been sleeping on our Facebook, you probably haven’t noticed that our apprentice Morgan is cruising along in her studies to become a fully licensed piercer! She’s now offering numerous piercings and doing wonderfully! We’re happy with how far she’s come since starting back in the beginning of 2017. So we decided to try to let people know that we have an awesome piercer here that’s performing piercings at a discount just so that she can gain experience!

Currently, Morgan is offering discounts on three different piercings. First off is the navel. This piercing is usually $30 plus the cost of jewelry. But if you come in and choose Morgan as your piercer, the piercing cost drops down to $10, which means you save $20! With jewelry included, you’re looking at a grand total of $40 for a navel piercing. That’s with implant grade titanium jewelry, done by a piercer who genuinely cares about her clients. You can’t get much better than that!

Next up in the eyebrow. While these piercings aren’t as popular as they once were, some people still manage to rock them! If you’re feeling up to an eyebrow piercing, the special for this is just like the navel; only $10 plus the cost of jewelry! As with the navel, the jewelry is titanium and extremely high end. It will be perfect for those with sensitive skin or nickle allergies. Basically no one is allergic to this metal!

The last piercing that’s on special is the industrial! This popular piercing is usually $50 for the piercing and $20 for the jewelry but if you get it pierced by Morgan, it’s only $25 plus jewelry! If you’ve been thinking about getting this piercing, now would be the time to do it. And these deals won’t last long! Morgan will be moving on again soon and these piercings will go back up to full price as she gets more experience.

Please email to find out Morgan’s hours in the shop!

If you have any questions regarding the special discounts, please don’t hesitate to call the shop at (603)-645-1449!

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  1. How much is a lip piercing that is tiny and close to the lip or a Maryann Monroe piercing close to the top of the lip bothe the a tiny stud or stone ??

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