Piercing FAQs; Does It Hurt?

Blog By M. Mitera

Many of our clients have questions when they come to see us. It’s understandable, there’s a lot of things to ask about in this profession! We spend a lot of time learning how to perfect our craft and trust me, we love talking about how we do things! Your piercer should be ready to answer any question you have to make you feel the most comfortable. One of the most frequently asked things that we hear is “does it hurt?” This is a tough question sometimes because we don’t want to scare anyone but we have to be honest with our clients so they don’t think we’re not being truthful. So when you ask us if your chosen piercing hurts, be prepared to hear the following answer!

In short, all piercings hurt. Anyone who tells you that they don’t is a liar. We don’t have ouchless needles, as cool as that would be. No matter what piercing it is, there is always a quick pinch. Because some people have a higher pain tolerance, they might think less of it than others. But overall, every piercing hurts a little bit. But if they were unbearable, no one would get them. We’ve had zero casualties here at Spider-Bite and you surely won’t be the first so there’s no need to be scared or nervous!

Some people mention that when they were pierced with a gun, it hurt really bad and when we pierce them, it’s much less unbearable. The guns use blunt force trauma to force the earring through the flesh of the earlobe. This isn’t ideal and we don’t recommend it! We use hypodermic needles. “Hypo” meaning “under” and derma being “skin”, these needles are made to puncture and go through skin. This makes them much more efficient at creating a comfortable experience for the client. Add in the fact that we do not use clamps on our piercings and it makes for a very pleasant piercing procedure. You also have to consider that sometimes, unfortunately, the guns get jammed. They can stop halfway through the earlobe, meaning that the person operating the gun has to shove the earring the rest of the way through. It’s not ideal and causes immense discomfort for the client.

We want to make sure everyone has a good time when coming to see us for a piercing. That means putting them  through the least amount of pain possible. Regrettably, we have to cause some pain to get the desired end result. But like stated above, if piercings were unbearable, no one would have them! It’s important to remember to have a full belly and to breathe. Listen to your piercer’s directions and be sure to communicate if you’re feeling uncomfortable, faint, dizzy, etc. Here at Spider-Bite, we are dedicated to creating an amazing piercing for you!

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