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Piercings take some time to heal. There’s a lot of factors that go in to healing up a fresh piercing. One of these factors is the seasons. Even though a lot of clients don’t realize it, the changing weather has a big effect on healing times and can even be beneficial for certain piercings! While some piercings like the nose, helix, tragus, lips, and tongue will heal normally throughout the seasons, providing clients care for them as instructed. With these piercings, clients can easily avoid being submerged in water during the summer months. But for other piercings, summer is possibly one of the worst times to get them done!

Navel piercings are incredibly popular across many age groups. They’re cute, fun, and have a huge range of pretty jewelry that can be worn in them. During the summer months, when many navels are exposed, many people head to piercing shops to get their belly buttons adorned. However, one must stop and think before making this decision; since the piercing is new, it should absolutely not be exposed to harsh chemicals such as chlorine or to the bacteria infested fresh water of rivers and lakes. And for those who may be thinking “well the ocean has salt…” Fish use that as their toilet. Sorry, but it’s true. If a body of water is big enough to have fun in, chances are it’s too gross for your new piercing to be submerged in. That also includes bathtubs so no bath-bombs until your piercing is healed! The best time to get your navel pierced? Fall and the beginning of winter. By getting your piercing during this time, you’re setting yourself up to heal over the winter and by the time the summer rolls around, you should be pretty much all set to enjoy some time at the beach!

Another piercing that takes a bit to heal and is good to get in the fall/early winter months is nipples. Much like the navel, these piercings can’t really be carried above water easily, especially if you have a jerk friend who likes to throw people in to the water when they aren’t expecting it. This area is incredibly sensitive anyway so you definitely don’t want to be doing anything to anger these piercings! As said above, fish use bodies of water as their toilets, fresh water is teeming with bacteria, and bathwater has soap residue as well as the dirt from your daily activities. You don’t want any of these irritants in your new piercing, especially since it is an open wound. Much like the navel, nipple piercings are ideal to get in the fall and early winter months. They have a lengthy healing time as well (6-9 months, sometimes longer if they aren’t properly cared for) and need to be looked after for that whole duration to make sure that they end up as happy, healthy piercings!

While it is tempting to get your navel pierced during the summer (because everyone is showing theirs off), you definitely don’t want to miss out on any outdoor activities! And you don’t want to have to stay on the beach while everyone else has a blast in the ocean because you got your nipples pierced in June. Now, this isn’t to say that no one should ever get these piercings during the summer or spring months. You can get pierced whenever! However, it is good to think of things like this beforehand so that you’re not hindering yourself!

Since we’re on the subject of navel piercings, here’s another reason now is the best time to get your navel pierced! I (Morgan, the piercing apprentice) am now moving on to piercing navels! I am offering a special discount on any client who comes in and allows me to adorn their belly button with some of the highest quality jewelry available. For a limited time, you can get your navel pierced for only $15 plus the cost of jewelry (starting at $30 and going up from there)! If you would like to take advantage of this deal, please email me at m@spider-bite.com and we can set up an appointment or just walk in during my hours (posted HERE on my Facebook page)!

About the Author: M has been a professional blogger for six years and has contributed to various websites. When she is not writing, she is a professional body piercing apprentice. M can be reached at piercingsbymorgan@gmail.com and you can find her piercing only blog HERE.

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  1. I didn’t know that the season could affect the healing time of a piercing. I have been wanting to get a piercing, but didn’t know when I should. That is great that the perfect time to get a navel piercing is late fall or the beginning of winter. That would give me tons of time to heal. Thank you for the tips!

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