Salt Soaks For Piercing Bumps

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Let’s face it; bumps on piercings happen. Many of you have seen my article regarding the vitamin E oil treatment for pissed off piercings but there are other ways to try to help that pesky bubble go away. Sometimes, just one kind of treatment may not help to completely eliminate the bump. In this blog, we’ll go over how to properly do a saline soak on a piercing that is irritated and angry and explain why this may help your bump start healing up properly!

When we have clients come in to get pierced, we offer certain products that we feel are the absolute best available to take care of your piercing. One of the products we recommend and sell here at the shop is NeilMed Piercing Wound Wash. This particular product is geared specifically towards healing piercings and is extremely mild (just simply salt and distilled water). For typical cleaning, we tell clients to be sure to clean the piercing four to five times a day, plus an additional cleaning any time something touches it, since touching the piercing brings in outside contaminants. But for those with problematic piercing bumps, we usually tend to recommend stepping up the cleaning game!

If you’ve got a piercing with a bump, you should absolutely be keeping up with cleaning as stated above; four to five times daily and an ADDITIONAL cleaning every time something touches it (which means if you touch the piercing a hundred times a day, it’s going to need to be cleaned a hundred times a day!). But additionally, we like to recommend the following steps to help calm that bump and get you back on track to having a healthy piercing!

Saline soaks are a great way to decrease the size of a bump on a piercing. First, make a pit stop at your nearest pharmacy and pick up a package of sterile gauze. You’ll need these gauze pads to do the soaks, as using a shot glass or washcloth can harbor bacteria or little loopy bits of thread that might snag on your piercing. It’s also a good idea to do these soaks after your shower, as this is when the pores are open and it’s easier for the dryness in the salt to weep out the irritant that’s causing the bump. Take your NeilMed Piercing Wound Wash and completely saturate the gauze pad, making sure that it’s completely wet all the way through. Place the gauze pad on the problem piercing, being sure to completely cover it. Hold the gauze in place for at least ten minutes and it is recommended that you do this twice a day. You should start to see the bump at least stop progressing in a negative direction and start to decrease in size. If you notice any gross stuff on the gauze when you pull it away, don’t worry! This is normal and a good thing because it means that those problem fluids aren’t in your piercing anymore.

Piercings take time to heal and need to be cared for. Be sure to remember to avoid touching or messing with the jewelry, especially if your hands are dirty, and keep your bed linens clean. Keep up with your aftercare regimen and be aware of the things that come in contact with your new adornment to make sure that you keep it nice and clean and dry. No matter how many successful piercings you’ve had, problems are always a possibility. Issues can arise due to jewelry sensitivities, misfitted pieces, snags, lack of cleaning, and other factors. Stay up on your aftercare!


About the Author: M has been a professional blogger for six years and has contributed to various websites. When she is not writing, she is a professional body piercing apprentice. M can be reached at and you can find her piercing only blog HERE.

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