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We live in a world where cheapness is rampant. Not that it’s a terrible thing, saving money is great. Getting a good deal on something expensive can give you a huge sense of accomplishment. But have you ever bought a $300 car? 

Chances are, that vehicle has a boatload of issues that you’ve now got to fix. But if you saved up a little bit and bought the $3000 car instead, you wouldn’t have to end up spending even more in order to get the car working properly. This can wind up giving you way more of a headache than you wanted and a lot of times, after purchasing a $300 car, one thinks to themselves, “Maybe I should’ve saved a bit more.” The same concept goes for piercings. Instead of a vehicle that will get you from Point A to Point B, you’re spending money on a piece that will be inserted in to your body. You don’t want to skimp on that for a few reasons.

Body jewelry should be held to the highest of standards. A piercing is an adornment to your body, something that makes you feel better about your appearance. They are supposed to be high quality and bio-compatible. It’s your body, you should want to take care of it, right? By using low quality jewelry, your piercing can wind up irritated, oozing, red, and sore. Lower quality jewelry is usually made of what we like to refer to as “mystery metal”. You don’t know what’s really in it, we don’t know either, and I’ll bet that the people who made it couldn’t give you a solid answer either. Usually, this garbage jewelry contains nickle, a metal that more and more people are allergic to. If a client puts jewelry in a piercing that contains nickle, it can hinder healing to the point where some people will just retire the piercing. It is a very good idea to stick to titanium jewelry, especially if you suffer from a nickle allergy. Titanium is extremely bio-compatible and won’t give your new (or healed) piercing any problems.

Irritation caused by low quality jewelry

Now, let’s talk about gold. Gold is a precious metal. In fact, a lot of the gold that we use didn’t actually originate from Earth. Our planet was actually hit by a huge amount of asteroids. These large rocks contained gold and other precious metals, embedding them in the crust of the Earth so that humans could dig it up many years later. Now, we fashion it in to jewelry, conductive equipment, awards, dentistry, and numerous other useful objects. It is extremely bio-compatible and is one of the most beloved metals known to man. Which is exactly why a gold hoop for your nostril piercing is not going to cost you $6.00 at a mall kiosk. A $6.00 gold hoop will probably be “mystery metal” and coated in something that looks like gold… But probably isn’t. Gold is basically alien rock that crashed here a long time ago and it is not going to cost the same price as a pack of cigarettes. If you are seeking to buy gold, it will definitely be coming with a hefty price tag. Gold does not tarnish, rust, or break down over time, meaning that it will maintain it’s form for years to come without looking worse than the day it was bought (providing you take care of it, of course). Remember, if your gold hoop cost you less that $40, it is most likely not solid gold.

Getting a good, professional piercing is not going to be cheap. Respectable shops will not be charging you $20 including jewelry to pierce your tongue. There should be no such thing as “free jewelry with purchase of ear piercing”. Your jewelry should not turn your skin green and it shouldn’t hinder the healing process of a new piercing. By committing to a piercing, you should be vowing to taking care of it and the first step to taking care of a piercing is using the proper jewelry. All of the other aftercare is basically second to the quality of jewelry that you put in. But decent jewelry comes with a price and if you don’t want to pay that price, it’s a good idea to rethink getting the piercing.

A rash due to low quality metal in the necklace. Not something you should put inside of your body!

Have you ever heard the term “you get what you pay for”? While it may sound somewhat harsh, I assure you that that’s not my intention. The point is that if you are trying to skimp on something that you are putting inside of your body, chances are you will end up spending extra money in order to fix a problematic piercing. To save yourself the trouble of a pissed off piercing, spend more money the first time in order to assure yourself that you have the best possible jewelry and the best possible aftercare instructions. Again, not trying to sound harsh, but if you try to get a deal on a body piercing, but you will probably end up at a professional shop in order to correct that jewelry choice if not the entire piercing that was such a “deal”. I tell you this not to be a jerk but because I believe that piercings are meant to help you feel more beautiful and happier with your appearance. It does no one any good if you’re piercing is red and you are unhappy with it.

About the Author: M has been a professional blogger for six years and has contributed to various websites. When she is not writing, she is a professional body piercing apprentice. M can be reached at piercingsbymorgan@gmail.com and you can find her piercing only blog HERE.

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