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Thanks to the readily available information on the internet, many parents are beginning to realize that the mall isn’t the most ideal place to take your small child to get their ears pierced. There are many good reasons to avoid


mall ear piercings, some can be found HERE. So, what does a parent do when their child decides that they want their ears pierced? Many piercing studios won’t pierce young clients but here at SpiderBite, we offer earlobe piercing for clients ages 7-12 with our piercer, Morgan!

In order for a young client to get their earlobe piercing, we just require a few things! First off, you will need the proper documentation. This includes:

  • A government issued photo ID for the parent or legal guardian
  • A birth certificate verifying parental relation or the status of the legal guardianship
  • These documents must be the originals; copies will not be accepted!


Once you have gathered these documents, we ask that you stop by the shop with the young client sometime between the hours of 12-8, Monday through Friday for a quick consultation. Each piercing is done individually so Morgan likes to make sure that the young client understands a few things before we go through with the procedure. She will ask the client a few questions to make sure that they are prepared for two piercings, that it will hurt, that they need to stay still, and that they understand that they must take care of them.

This should be an enjoyable experience for both the client, the parents, the piercer, and the staff of the shop. If time permits and the young client seems like they are 100% prepared to get their earlobes pierced, the piercing can be done in the same visit. Aftercare sheets will be provided as well as verbal instructions after the piercing but in case anyone needs refreshing, our aftercare regimen can be found HERE.

Each earlobe piercing is $20, plus the cost of the jewelry that is chosen (lowest being $25 per piece and going up from there). We have a large selection of gem colors and sizes available. All of our jewelry is implant grade titanium so for those with sensitive skin or metal allergies need not worry. Our recommended aftercare products can also be purchased at the time of the piercing (aftercare products cost $15).


If you would like to schedule a time with Morgan to get your child’s earlobes pierced or if you have any additional questions, please feel free to call the shop or send her an email at

For those clients who are younger than age 7, we recommend contacting the Piercing Emporium, located in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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