• You must be 18 years or older in order to get a tattoo. You must have valid government issued identification (State ID, State Driver’s License, Military ID, or Passport).
  • Shop minimum for a common area tattoo is $60.
  • Shop minimum for a tattoo done on the face, hands, feet, and/or neck is $100. (Please note: Not all tattoo artists will tattoo this area of the body. If one artist
    will not, just ask another. Placement of tattoos on face, hands, feet, and neck are at the discretion of the tattoo artist.)
  • Following the initial tattoo, touch-ups for that specific piece only will be complimentary for up to 60 days. After 60 days have passed there will be a $50 minimum charge per touch-up. (This amount can change at the discretion of the tattoo artist.)

*Please be advised that we CANNOT quote tattoo prices over the phone or internet. Please come speak with an artist face to face, or call to inquire as to an artist’s hourly rate.  Hourly rates are approximately $100 – $150 per hour and rates are subject to change at the discretion of the tattoo artist.

*If paying by way of credit card, please be advised that the credit card holder must be present to provide a signature on the sales receipt and they must have proper identification proving they are in fact the credit card holder.



Body piercings require a great amount of care while they are healing, as well as time. It is very important, in order to minimize risk to your piercing, that all instructions given by your body piercing artist are followed. This information has been put together by professional body piercing artists for the benefit of our clients. If you have any questions about the information listed please contact us.

Spider-Bite Inc is a professional body piercing studio, established over a decade ago with the intent of providing the best quality service to its clients.

The body piercing artists at Spider-Bite Inc are licensed professionals with years of experience. It is important to follow their instructions and not those of others.

The aftercare recommended has been tried and tested for many years with great success. Following other aftercare regimens not instructed by your body piercing artist may result in complications, including loss of your piercing.

If you are sick with a cold, flu, or more serious affliction that would result in a weakened immune system, it is advised that you wait till you are not sick or consult a physician before getting pierced.

Please make your body piercing artist aware if you have any of the following conditions: pregnancy, diabetes, epilepsy, heart condition, or any type of communicable disease.

If you are pregnant, it is advised you wait till your pregnancy is over before getting pierced.

The application of common sense and the ability to follow directions are both crucial to healing a piercing. If you do not possess these abilities it is suggested you do not get pierced.

Spider-Bite Inc and the staff do not discriminate against race, sex, age, or how much money you’re spending.

Spider-Bite Inc and its professional body piercing artists reserve the right to refuse any piercing at any time for any reason they feel is justified.

If a problem arises with your piercing please call us immediately. If you think we made a mistake, notify us within 14 days of your piercing and we will be more than happy to correct the issue. Save your receipt!

Spider-Bite Inc thanks you for being a customer and hopes to provide outstanding service at all times. If you feel your body piercing artist did an excellent job, tips are always appreciated!

*You must be 18 years of age or older with a valid form of government issued ID to be pierced at Spider-Bite Inc. If under 18 years of age, a parent must be present and parent must have a valid form of government issued ID and the child’s ORIGINAL birth certificate. Legal guardians must provide legal proof of guardianship. We will pierce earlobes starting at age 7 (please see our Young Client Policy for more information) and most other piercings starting at age 13. Genital, nipple, microdermal, and microdermal removals will only be performed on customers 18 and older.*