Meet Our Tattoo Artists

Blog By M. Mitera

Here at Tattoo Angus, we have a team of six tattoo artists that absolutely love what they do. Their love for their art shines through in their amazing tattoos and the way that they interact with their clients. With more than twenty five years of collective experience between them, you are sure to find an artist that can help you achieve your tattoo dream here at Tattoo Angus. While all of our artists can achieve great results with any style, they are well aware of their colleagues talents and if they believe that another artist in the shop will execute your idea in a way that you like more, they will bring you to that artist. We realize that a tattoo is the one thing in your life that you will pay for and have forever. We want to make sure that you have something you love.

Bill Rhine is one of our artists here. He specializes in realistic style tattoos, both in black and grey as well as color. In addition, Bill also has a knack for doing cartoon pieces, such as Dragonball Z, Pokemon, Zelda, Mario and more. Bill is a great artist to sit with, as his bedside manner is top notch. He has years of experience and has traveled to many conventions, leaving a wonderfully executed tattoo on so many clients. Anyone in the market for a realism tattoo should definitely visit Bill!

Matt Wilcox is another member of our team at Tattoo Angus. With an extensive history of tattoo experience, Matt tends to specialize in the traditional Japanese style of tattooing. He is especially skilled with hamsa masks and Japanese dragons, executing great pieces that are saturated with color (or not, depending on what the client wants). He uses tried and true ways to tattoo his clients, with a great end result and a happy customer. If you’re looking for a Japanese style tattoo, Matt is the artist that you want to visit! 

Dave McCormick has about twenty years of tattooing experience. He has been with Tattoo Angus & Spider-Bite Body Piercing for a great deal of time, not only producing awesome large pieces but taking on any walk in tattoo that he can. He has great skill in floral work, as well as black and grey tattoos. Pretty much able to take on anything, Dave M. is a great artist who has a wide variety of talents so if you have some crazy idea, Dave is the one to see! 

Jeff Lindh is newer to the industry and has only been tattooing for four years but has managed to find a solid niche in traditional tattooing. With thick lines, whip shading, and heavily saturated color, Jeff is definitely your guy for traditional work. From eagles to skulls to mountain ranges, you are definitely going to be a fan of his work! Not to mention he has an excellent bedside manner that will make you feel welcome and comfortable during your time sitting with him. 

Ray is another jack of all trades, specializing in soft colors and solid lines, who has a great deal of experience tattooing under his belt. His style is definitely the most illustrative of the group and he does wonderfully with the whimsical tattoos. With a great deal of drawing and painting in his background, he especially loves to execute anime, cartoons and other popular references. If the tattoo that you are after sounds whimsical and fun, it is probably something Ray would love to do! 

Our sixth artist is Dave Costella, who is the newest addition to our shop. He joined us over this last summer and like Jeff, specializes in the traditional style of tattooing. His lines are solid and his color saturation is on point. Even though Dave has not been tattooing as long as some of the other artists here, he is definitely able to execute a great tattoo that you are sure to love! Stop by and see him if you are interested in a traditional tattoo! Dave is also really skilled with lettering and fonts so if that is what you are interested in getting, come see him! 

Five Important Things To Know About Tattoo Cover Ups

Blog By M. Mitera

Every day, we see clients come in to our shop that have tattoos that they aren’t fond of anymore. Many clients don’t simply want to get rid of their tattoo but instead, turn it in to something that they love again. Many times, they’re covering up a name or something that represents something they no longer do and would rather not remember. Cover up tattoos can be tricky for both client and artist because the client needs to be flexible with what designs are able to cover up the previous tattoo. When it comes to cover ups, there are a few important things to remember when you go in to a speak to an artist.

As mentioned above, it’s very important to keep an open mind if you’re going for a consult about a cover up. Some of the ideas that you have might not work. Light colors can’t cover old tattoos and that’s something that you need to remember when designing your new piece. If the old piece is very dark, your new tattoo will also have to be dark in order to cover what was there before. Be sure to take in to consideration how dark your current tattoo is and be sure that it has an effect on the design you want to go with.

Because cover ups are hiding something, they need to be a decent size. Most cover up tattoos need to be at least double the size of the tattoo

 that you have. So if you have a big tattoo that you want covered, the new piece will be double that size or bigger. While some people are very gung ho about this thought, some clients are a bit shocked when they’re told that the new tattoo needs to be considerably larger than they 

thought it would be.

Since a cover up is going over an old tattoo, you should prepare yourself for it to hurt a bit more than you might remember. This is due to the artist tattooing over scar tissue. Sometimes, this is not an issue and clients feel no difference between the first time and the second. Other clients report that when they do sit for a cover up, it hurts slightly more than when they got the tattoo. 

There is the matter of price as well. Because a cover up tattoo needs to be so large an intricate, they can get very expensive. New tattoos have a high price tag but the artist has to work extra hard to ensure that the old tattoo is fully covered. The color, placement, and layout are all going to take longer with a cover up, which equals time and money for the artist. Brace yourself for a potentially expensive piece but be assured that once you find the right artist to do your cover up, it will be worth it.

Lastly, remember that not all tattoos can be covered up. Some people get extremely large pieces that just can’t be covered. If your artist doesn’t feel comfortable doing a cover up because it’s too difficult or near impossible, accept their opinion. Options for those clients are usually either reworks or removal. Please be aware that you may not end up being able to get your tattoo covered if it’s originally too big. 

If you have a tattoo that you’re interested in covering up, we have plenty of artists here at Tattoo Angus that will be happy to work with you to form a great tattoo that you’re sure to love forever. Come by and visit us to talk about your next piece and we would love to add something new to your collection! 

Infant Ear Piercing

Blog By M. Mitera

Ear piercing has been a part of many cultures and traditions for a very long time. Most people who have their ears pierced usually had them pierced at a very young age, so young perhaps that they don’t even remember it happening. This could be viewed as a positive. Getting a piercing can be anxiety inducing and being young enough to not remember might be a good idea… right? Well, possibly. Continue reading

Impact Of Social Media On the Tattoo Industry

Blog By M. Mitera

The tattoo industry has remained pretty much the same for a long time. Only recently have artists begun to really surge forward, looking for ways to improve their craft, connect more with their clients, and create a comfortable environment while simultaneously producing excellent work. This should be the goal for all artists, whether their medium is tattooing, water color paints, or metal working. There should always be a drive to improve and do things in a better way. With advances in technology, art, pop culture, and just the world in general, the body modification industry should be able to mold itself to cater to the needs of the people paying to have these procedures done. Continue reading

Tattoos For Breast Cancer Patients

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It may not be breast cancer awareness month anymore but that doesn’t mean we stop thinking about all of our clients that are effected by this terrible disease. This year, Tattoo Angus offered free shirts to anyone who got a pink ribbon tattoo in our shop to show our support for those who have been affected by breast cancer. Continue reading

Lettering In Tattoos

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Anything Joe’s?

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Child Ear Piercing Policy

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What To Do If You Have Regrettable Tattoos

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Getting Through Long Tattoo Sessions

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Tattoo By Steve Cummings

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Tattoo Styles

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There are many different kinds of tattoos these days. With many new artists 

emerging, it’s wonderful to see such an explosion of talent in such a variety. Continue reading