So many precious furry friends are left behind and abandoned to fend for themselves. All they need is a little love and care and they will devote their lives to the human that loves them. Thankfully, Manchester New Hampshire is blessed to have an amazing no-kill animal shelter that rescues hundreds of animals every year. Many animals come up from the southern states because of their massive overpopulation problem. Others are rescued from the streets of New Hampshire. Unfortunately, the police do come across cases of animal hoarding or abuse from time to time, but Manchester Animal Shelter is always there to lend a helping paw.


Jon Thomas, owner of Spider-Bite Tattoo & Body Piercing and also Tattoo Angus, is very passionate about animals. Jon’s first dog Angus landed in his care after an ex could not handle taking care of him. He stepped up to the plate and offered Angus a loving home for the rest of his life. When Angus passed away, Jon thought the best way to honor his furry pal was to open Tattoo Angus in his memory. About a year after Angus’ passing, a customer gave Jon a little blue nose pit bull puppy who he named Cooper after the famous rock star, Alice Cooper. Cooper became the shop dog after that, stealing the hearts of many.


Cooper, our shop mascot, loves to trot around Spider-Bite checking up on everyone to make sure they are still smiling! He is a lovely boy who enjoys meeting new people and occasionally chewing on his dad’s office chair. Greeting customers and chatting them up are a part of his doggie duties at Spider-Bite.


Because of Jon’s love and devotion to animals, he brought Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter on board as our main charity for the Live Free or Die Tattoo Expo for many years now. Together, they are raising awareness of the need for adoption in the state of New Hampshire and encourage everyone to adopt rather than shop for a new best friend. It can literally mean life or death for these fur babies. Be the sunshine and positive force in an animal’s life and adopt or donate today!  Visit Manchester Animal Shelter  for more information on available animals and the adoption application process.

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-Written By Dani Peasley