We all have regrets in life. Maybe your regret was getting a less-than-perfect tattoo when you didn’t know Spider-Bite Tattoo & Body Piercing could do it right the first time. Or maybe you want to delete an element from a current tattoo so you can add onto it. Whatever your story, Spider-Bite Tattoo & Body Piercing has a solution for your tattoo removal needs.

Traditionally, tattoo removal involved painful and damaging lasers that would blister your skin during the process. Those systems are time consuming, painful and very expensive. Laser systems also cannot remove yellow, green or blue ink! So that means all those colors are still there at the end of the laser treatments.

Tatt2Away is a revolutionary system that is one of a kind and uses NO lasers! Tatt2Away involves using a traditional tattoo needle to inject a solution called TEPRSOL, just below the layer of skin that holds the tattoo ink. The solution breaks down the ink allowing it to rise to the surface of the skin, eventually scabbing, then falling off. The solution is “tattooed” in a dot pattern, allowing the tattoo to fade away in the most effective way possible. Sessions generally take about 20-40 minutes after the initial consultation.

Tatt2Away is a great product to use if you are considering a cover up tattoo. Many people use this system as a way to lighten the current tattoo, not completely take it away; making a cover up easily achievable. You can speak with your Tatt2Away technician at Spider-Bite Tattoo & Body Piercing to discuss your game plan.


As for pricing, we recommend that you come into our shop and discuss the procedure with one of our trained technicians to get an accurate quote on your specific tattoo. To get a general idea on pricing, here is a breakdown of some numbers:



First Visit- $100 for the kit, $60 per square inch

Repeat Visit- $65 for the kit, $60 per square inch

12 Square Inches- $500


Before your Tatt2Away treatment, here are some things to consider:

  • Make sure all wounds are completely healed in that area.
  • Five days before the treatment, do not use electrolysis to remove hair over or around the tattoo.
  • Two days before the treatment, use a good quality body scrub exfoliation product to remove dead skin cells over and around the tattoo.
  • If hair is growing over the tattoo, do NOT shave the area. We will do this right before treatment. You also cannot resume any method of hair removal until all the scabs have fallen off, about three weeks after treatment.

Tatt2Away is the best system for tattoo removal, hands down! Spider-Bite Tattoo & Body Piercing is also the only shop for 100 miles that has this unique and effective system. Visit our shop on the second floor of 179 Elm St. Manchester, NH for a Tatt2Away consultation today!


-Written By Dani Peasley, a freelance writer and fine artist from Contoocook, NH. She is passionate about the tattooing and body modification industry and can be found in tattoo shops all over New Hampshire. Dani can be reached through email at: myrandomcat@gmail.com

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