Blog By M. Mitera

For many years, both Tattoo Angus and Spider-Bite have operated in separate locations In Manchester under the same ownership. Tattoo Angus has always strictly been tattoos while Spider-Bite offers both tattoos and piercings, as well as having the adult boutique (Manchester Adult Lifestyles) attached. Many clients wished all three would be at the same location and now it’s happening!Recently, the decision was made to join the two shops, with the goal to make it easier for our clients to find their favorite tattoo artists and their favorite piercers under the same roof! Starting on November 1st, the artists from Tattoo Angus will be joining the artists at Spider-Bite and the two shops will become one! Now it’s time for you to meet the artists that will be working at the merged shop starting on November 1st!


Matt Wilcox has been tattooing for the better part of 20 years. He started his apprenticeship around 2001 and has worked hard to fine tune his skills. Matt’s style is heavily influenced by traditional Chinese art along with realistic elements as well. Although his focus is more so in these areas, Matt’s portfolio shows he can tackle large and small pieces of  a wide variety of styles. His art style is absolutely unique and interesting and you can check out his portfolio HERE


Steve Cummings has been tattooing for almost ten years and has grown immensely as an artist in that time. His art style varies but has one main element; color! Steve loves to produce amazingly bright tattoos that last. His lines are solid with absolutely stunning color schemes. A tattoo from Steve is sure to stand out! View some of his work by clicking HERE.


Bill Rhine has been tattooing for right around 20 years and has a stunning portfolio fully of amazing realism. Working in both black and white as well as color, Bill is able to create people, animals, ficticious creatures, and much more in a way that may cause you to think you’re looking at a photograph instead of a tattoo. You can check out Bill’s portfolio HERE.


We are so excited to have these three artists join our already outstanding team here at Spider-Bite! Please bear with us as we undergo these changes and look forward to many amazing things in the upcoming month! Tattoo Angus will officially be moving to 179 Elm St on November 1st! Please be sure to contact your artist if you have an appointment scheduled and have questions about the move, we are happy to assist where we can! Be sure to stop by the shop after November 1st to see the new team assembled! And as always, if you have any questions, please call the shop or just stop by!