Most of our clients are very familiar with the fact that our shop owner, Jon Thomas, loves animals. Cooper, Jon’s pitbull, is always following him around, stealing attention everywhere he goes. At the annual Live Free Or Die Tattoo Expo, the Friends Of the Manchester Animal Shelter set up a booth and accept donations, put on raffles, and even bring well behaved dogs available for adoption! Jon’s love for animals doesn’t stop there. This year, we’re asking our clients to please make a donation to the Friends Of the Manchester Animal Shelter. We’ve put out boxes at the front desks of both Tattoo Angus/Spider-Bite as well as Manchester Adult Lifestyles. We also have posts up on Facebook, where you can donate right through the post. You don’t even need to come in to the shop! Click HERE to donate to help animals in need this holiday season.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who get animals for Christmas and realize that they can’t take care of them. This usually means that the animal winds up at the shelter, alone and without a home. It’s important to remember that if you’re going to be giving an animal to someone this Christmas that animals require work. Puppies and kitties grow up and become adults. There are costs that need to be paid for, such as shots, spaying and neutering, etc. Let’s not even think about if something goes wrong with your new pet and there are suddenly vet fees to handle. Giving an animal as a gift is cute but be sure that the person receiving it is capable and responsible enough to take care of a living creature.

The Friends Of the Manchester Shelter do what they can to give the abandoned animals of our area a home. We want to help them as much as they can with blankets, toys, food, kitty litter, and whatever else they may need in order to give these animals a safe, warm place to live until they find their fur-ever homes. We are asking people to put their extra change or even a few dollars in our donation boxes so we can help the shelter out with this. Every little bit we raise helps a little. Blankets only cost $2.50 at Walmart and even that can help the shelter to keep a dog warm.

If you do get a pet for Christmas this year, be sure to spay and neuter them so that we don’t end up with more stray pets. There are so many animals that don’t have a home, it’s not fair of us humans to continue to allow our pets to have little ones when there are so many who need love already. Are you planning on giving a pet this year? Maybe check the local shelter for available animals to see if there’s one there that you just know that special someone will love. Be smart about giving animals as gifts, for both your sake and theirs!