Blog By M. Mitera

Tattoo Angus is happy to welcome two new tattoo artists to our team! As many of you know, our awesome artist Steve opened his own shop, our artist Jeff recently moved out of state, and our good friend Bill suddenly passed away in May of this year. These incredible people will be missed greatly and we have been working hard to find artists to join us! As of recently, we have found two great people to tattoo here at the shop, bringing our artist count to five!

Meet Renee! She has a wide variety of different styles of tattooing and loves to create beautiful pieces that last a lifetime. She’s only been in the shop for a short while but has already had numerous happy clients and repeat customers. Add on the fact that her bedside manner is wonderful and you have a great tattoo artist! With a great amount of talent, Renee is definitely an artist that you should speak to about your next piece. You can follow her on Instagram at @reneezuppardo. Welcome, Renee, we hope you love your new home shop!

Our second new artist is Ryan Robar. As Renee does, Ryan has a great variety of styles that he is skilled at, as well as a very kind and attentive bedside manner. Since he has started here, we have definitely noticed how much his watercolor pieces stand out. With vibrant colors and clean lines, if you’re looking for something eye catching, Ryan can definitely help you out. You can check out Ryan’s work on his Instagram; @_crossandcrown_ and see his skills for yourself. We can’t wait to see what you do in the future, Ryan!

If you would like to look through our artists portfolio, you can always go to and browse their tattoos. We offer free consultations seven days a week from 12-8. Stop in and chat with an artist about the tattoo you’re thinking of getting. The artists will be able to give you a quote, as well as go over the details of the tattoo, and set up the time for your appointment. Located at 179 Elm St in Manchester, we can’t wait to see you!