It may not be breast cancer awareness month anymore but that doesn’t mean we stop thinking about all of our clients that are effected by this terrible disease. This year, Tattoo Angus offered free shirts to anyone who got a pink ribbon tattoo in our shop to show our support for those who have been affected by breast cancer. Many people get pink ribbon tattoos if they or someone they know has suffered with breast cancer. But here at Tattoo Angus, we want patients to know that there are other options, specifically for clients who have has surgery (such as breast conserving surgery, a mastectomy, or breast reconstruction).

Getting an artistic tattoo after surgery is considered by patients for a number of reasons. Now, it’s important to remember that an artistic tattoo is different than getting nipple and areola tattooing. That is only done by a specialty artist. We recommend checking out Vinnie Myers HERE. It can help to boost confidence, as having a beautiful tattoo on that area will not only distract from scars but will also cover them. It can also create a marker of what they have been through, signifying the obstacles they’ve overcome. You do need to wait until the operation sites are fully healed before you can get a tattoo however, and it’s very important to check with your treatment team. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment should also have been completed at the time of your tattoo.

A worry of some patients is developing lymphoedema which is a build up of lymph fluid in the surface tissues of the body. This can cause excess swelling. This is caused to damages to the lymphatic system during surgery and radiation treatment. While it can be controlled, it may never completely go away. There is no clear reason as to why some people develop lympoedema but it doesn’t seem that tattooing increases or decreases the risk of developing it.

If you are a breast cancer patient and would like to come in for a consult, we have artists available seven days a week from 12-8 to sit down with you or a free consultation. With a professional attitude and great artistic ability, our tattoo artists would be happy to help you continue your healing process by adding a beautiful piece of art to your skin. You can also look at our artists portfolios online by going HERE.