When getting body modifications, many people don’t consider all of the outside factors that will be trying to get in the way of the healing process. Our world is full of contaminants and dangerous situations for your new mod. Many people are aware that when you get a new tattoo, you should absolutely stay out of the sun for the entire healing process. It is absolutely detrimental to avoid overexposing yourself to UV rays while your tattoo heals, as it can damage the end result of the piece. The UV rays from the sun are actually a dulled down version of laser removal, so spending too much time in the sun is absolutely going to fade your tattoo. Every time your tattoo is exposed to the sun, particles from the tattoo are broken down. The smaller these particles become, the easier your immune system can attack them and eliminate them, reducing the amount of ink in the skin. Long story short; sun exposure on tattoos will cause your tattoo to fade, 100%.

Because the sun’s rays can be so damaging to our decorated skin, we need to take the utmost care at keeping it protected when we venture out in to the world. As stated above, new tattoos should not be exposed to sunlight. Avoid it as much as possible. Since the tattoo is an open would when fresh, this allows even more UV light to filter in and break down the particles even faster. This can really mess up healing as well, providing the client with a rough heal that will not result in a nice looking tattoo.

Once the tattoo fully heals, you can go out in the sun but it’s incredibly important to use sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher. We recommend that you use SPF 100 in order to be sure that your tattoo stays protected. Apply the sunscreen half an hour before you go outside so that it has time to absorb in to your skin. Even if you are only going outside for a few minutes, you should apply some sunscreen. Even older tattoos need to be protected from the UV rays so always remember this before going outside!

It also goes without saying; tanning with tattoos is a surefire way to get them to fade and age before their time. Tanning beds utilize direct UV rays to tan your skin, which can delve deep in to your tattoo and break it down. If you are planning on getting tattoos, it is highly recommended that you discontinue the use of tanning beds to avoid any adverse effects on your tattoos. You pay a lot of money for these pieces of work and you should do your best to take care of them so that they stay beautiful forever.

Have questions about how to care for your tattoos? You can always come down and talk to us. We want to answer every and all questions that you might have about the process. We are open seven days a week from 12pm- 8pm, located at 179 Elm St. Come on in and chat with an artist about a current piece or your next piece, we can help you out with whatever you need!