Blog By M. Mitera

We have to be honest with ourselves and each other; we all have tattoos that we wish we didn’t get. Whether they were done badly, faded terribly, or it’s just not a popular part of life anymore (you might hate Tweety Bird at age 30 but thought he was great when you were 18), everyone has tattoos that they regret. When this happens, depending on your situation, you tend to have a couple of options. Some people live with their hated tattoos forever and I’m here to tell you that you absolutely do not have to!

My most recommended method of improving on an existing bad tattoo is to rework it. If the client is fond of the design itself, there can be additions made to the original tattoo that will make it look like a brand new piece. By adding missing details and brightening up the colors, an old faded tattoo can have new life. It’s shocking how incredible a twenty year old tattoo can look after a little reworking. This choice is ideal if you do like the overall idea of the tattoo but maybe it just faded a lot, you lost some colors, lines blurred, etc. Don’t live with a moldy bread tattoo, get that piece back to it’s former glory!

The second option would be to cover the tattoo that you don’t like. Most smaller pieces can be covered with larger, dark tattoos. Full sleeves can even vanish, becoming something else, when presented to the correct artists. Cover-ups are a great option for hiding those tattoos that are small in size but are large reminders of less pleasant times in life. Not only will you get rid of a tattoo that you aren’t fond of, the cover-up will symbolize the change that you are making from something not so pretty to a beautiful piece of art. Covering up a piece that comes with bad memories can be a huge help in the healing process. Or you can just get rid of a tattoo that you’re not fond of anymore with something that you actually like!

The last option (and the most severe) would be straight removal of the tattoo. These days, you can either go with laser removal or the non-laser method known as Tatt2Away (which we offer here at Tattoo Angus). Laser removal is more expensive and can be somewhat painful to sit through. Some clients say that it hurts worse than getting the tattoo and the healing process can be very tedious. After the procedure is finished, the skin turns a whitish color. For a few days, the client has to deal with burning, blistering, and peeling as the body begins to heal itself and dispel the ink pigments in the skin.

On the other hand, there is Tatt2Away. This process is much like getting the tattoo except instead of an ink, a solution called Teprsol is used. This is an all natural, vegan solution that is composed of chemicals that naturally occur in the human body. Teprsol also disinfects the area being worked on, it cauterizes the wounds (which prevents bleeding while the procedure is being done), and finally, it separates the scar tissue in the skin from the tattoo ink. When the small circles begin to heal, they heal from the outside in and bottom up. This healing process allows the body to push the ink up and out of the skin. 

If you have some questions about an old tattoo that you may want reworked, covered, or removed, don’t hesitate to call or stop by the shop. Our artists would be glad to discuss rework/cover-up options with you and as mentioned above, we do offer Tatt2Away here. We are open seven days a week from noon until 8pm so swing by and visit us if you’re interested in improving your tattoo collection!


About the Author: M has been a professional blogger for six years and has contributed to various websites. When she is not writing, she is a professional body piercing apprentice. M can be reached at and you can find her piercing only blog HERE.