5 Piercings That Don’t Work (And Why)

Blog By M. Mitera

Obviously, we love piercings! We would never have chosen this career if we didn’t love what we do! And since we love what we do so much, there are some piercings that we just won’t perform here at Spider-Bite Body Piercing (and for good reasons). There are some piercings that can be done but won’t heal right or can have serious effects on the anatomy. Because of this, we will not install these particular adornments. Our piercers are focused on the end results and if they don’t think there will be a positive result, they will offer alternative options after explaining why the piercing won’t work for you.

We’ll start off with the piercing known as the Ashley. This piercing is placed in the center of the lower lip and usually uses a flat backed labret stud. While this particular piercing is extremely cute and trendy, it can have lasting (damaging) effects on your teeth and can also effect your smile if done wrong. The disc on the back rests directly in front of where the top and bottom teeth come together. If the disc gets stuck while chewing or talking, it can crack or chip the front most teeth. A good alternative to this piercing is a vertical labret. This piercing doesn’t go through the lip to the inside but instead goes down through the lip and out directly under the lip, providing a much more anchored spot as well as much less interaction with the mouth. Jewelry options are still plentiful and the piercing has much less of a chance of causing issues.

A piercing that has recently gained popularity is the “snake eyes” piercing. Going directly through the tip of the tongue, the snake eyes piercing can cause extreme damage to the canine teeth as well as eroding the gums along the inside of the teeth. Since your mouth comes together in a U-shape, adding in a barbell on either side of your tongue will just cause problems. We have removed many of these piercings and had clients cry because they are so happy to have the piercing out. People report having issues with eating, speaking, and even simply drinking water.

Much like the snake eyes piercing, the “scoop” piercing is a nightmare for your oral health. This surface piercing goes across the top of the tongue, imitating the look of a double tongue piercing. However, with a solid barbell across the tongue, the muscle cannot move as freely as it should be able to. This can result is slurred speech, difficulty eating/chewing/swallowing, and even a drooling problem. The scoop also has a great deal of potential to be done wrong, as too deep can cause all kinds of issues with the tongue and too shallow allows for a higher snag potential.

Last but not least, hand microdermals seem to be on an upswing. These piercings are absolutely not permanent and have a high risk of never healing. Microdermals on the hand are very easily snagged and ripped out. They are not anchored in very well since the skin of the hand is thin, constantly moving, and with very little under the skin for the foot to grab on to. Additionally, hand microdermals can bruise terribly, leaving unsightly discoloration of the skin for days and sometimes weeks after the piercing has been done (if it lasts that long).

About the Author: M has been a professional blogger for six years and has contributed to various websites. When she is not writing, she is a professional body piercing apprentice. M can be reached at piercingsbymorgan@gmail.com and you can find her piercing only blog HERE.

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