Young Client Policy

Spider-Bite Body Piercing (located in Manchester, New Hampshire) is a long-standing piercing establishment that proudly serves the Queen City.

Below you will find our Young Client Policy, which is applicable for anyone ages 8 and up.


We accept clients from ages 8 and up.

Here at Spider-Bite Body Piercing, we accept clients 8 years of age and up for basic earlobe piercings. All nasal, facial, and navel piercings are restricted to ages 14 and up. 14 is an age we feel is appropriate to perform these piercings with parental consent. The reasoning behind this choice of age is because we believe that a child should be able to consent to the procedure.

Photo of a boy with an ear piercing
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We do not use piercing guns.

For parental information, we like to remind everyone that we do not use piercing guns, nor do we condone their use for body piercings. Piercing guns are unable to be completely sterilized, as they can not be put through sterilizing machines such as an autoclave or statim. They are made of plastic and the high heat and pressure of these machines would essentially destroy the piercing gun.

Spider-Bite piercers use hypodermic needles, which are made for going through skin. With incredible attention to sterilization and client comfort, you can be sure that your child will have a great experience while in our shop.

Aftercare Advice

All aftercare will be gone over after the piercings are completed and any questions you come up with can be directed to our piercers by calling the shop or stopping by. Any jewelry used for initial piercings is implant grade titanium, a very biocompatible material, or 14k/18k solid gold.

As long as the piercings are well cared for, your child will not have any issues with the jewelry itself.

Photo of a man with a nose piercing and ear piercing

Age Requirements

We ID* all of our piercing customers. We offer earlobe piercings for kids ages 8-12.

For anyone under the age of 18, you must bring your legal parent or guardian along with your original birth certificate (no copies or cell phone pictures allowed) and an acceptable, non-expired ID*.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

*Forms of identification we accept:

driver’s license
birth certificate
state ID
military ID


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Spider-Bite Body Piercing is open daily and adhering to the State of New Hampshire’s COVID-19 safety guidelines. Your safety is always our top priority.

We recommend that you wear a mask and use the hand sanitizing stations located at each entrance to the shop. If you are (or have been) feeling unwell recently, please come back when you are feeling better.

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