Five Reasons Your Piercing Isn’t Healing Correctly

Blog By M. Mitera

Here at the shop, we have a steady stream of clients that come in and ask why their piercing isn’t healing properly. You’ve probably seen our blogs on aftercare and how to tend to a fresh piercing. But if you’ve somehow missed a step or maybe you’ve yet to visit us here at Spider-Bite, this article is for you. Since we inhabit a gross world full of all kinds of germs, there can be a few reasons as to why your piercing is angry and not healing up correctly. Thankfully, you’ve found this page and hopefully the information that follows will help your piercing get back on track!

  1. Stop touching it.
    Oh boy. The worst thing about clients with angry piercings is when they come in to the shop and exclaim “My piercing isn’t healing right!” while they’re touching the piercing. Think about it. You’ve just touched the door handle and shook hands with our last five hundred customers. Did you drive here? If so, you touched a steering wheel. When was the last time you cleaned that? Probably not since you last fueled up at the gas station. When was the last time the clerk at 7/11 cleaned the gas handles? Never. And now all of those germs are now in your piercing. That’s the biggest reason piercings have issues… Clients like to touch them!
  2. Clean it with what we recommend.
    Many clients come in and say that they’ve been having issues with their piercings and when we ask what they’ve been using to clean it, they say Peroxide, rubbing alcohol, tea tree oil, or some other agent that’s far too harsh. Piercings are puncture wounds and should be treated very gently. We recommend very mild items to care for fresh piercings; a simple saline (NeilMed Piercing Wound Wash) and a very basic soap (Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild). Please don’t use the stuff they sell at Claire’s… 
  3. Mr. Fluffy.
    Trust me, if there’s one thing that piercers and tattoo artists love more than their job, it’s their pets. We understand that people have adorable, furry companions that sleep in the same bed. Or at least inhabit the same house. As cute as pets are, their dander can get in to your piercing and irritate the hell out of it, especially if your furry friend shares a sleep spot with you. Even if they don’t go in your bedroom, the dander is microscopic and should be tended to with a fresh piercing.
  4. That “gold” jewelry.
    Let me tell you; if you paid less than $50 for a piece of gold, it most likely isn’t gold. This isn’t an upsell, it’s just a fact. Gold is a precious metal and the price tag reflects that. Buying cheap gold doesn’t mean that you got a killer deal… it means that you have a piece of jewelry that is probably gold plated. If the jewelry is gold plated and not solid (and you happen to have sensitive skin), it will absolutely hinder the healing process. Skin sensitivities are no joke so be sure that you’re putting high quality jewelry in your piercings. Your body deserves it!
  5. Don’t change your jewelry.
    Clients get very excited when they get a new piercing, especially piercings that have a large variety of jewelry to choose from. Take for example, nostril piercings. Almost every client wants a hoop but we don’t pierce with hoops to start (find out why in my next blog!). Many clients try to buy their hoops the same day that they get pierced and we highly recommend against it. Having the jewelry in your possession will just make you more apt to change it. If you decide to change the jewelry early, you can prolong healing, promote bleeding and scarring, and bring germs to the area. You don’t want to deal with any of these things so leave the initial jewelry in until your piercing is healed! 

If you have any questions about your healing piercing, do not be afraid to call us or swing by the shop! We want our clients to have happy piercings and we’re here to help if there’s a problem! We’re open seven days a week from 12pm-8pm. 

About the Author: M has been a professional blogger for six years and has contributed to various websites. When she is not writing, she is a professional body piercing apprentice. M can be reached at and you can find her piercing only blog HERE.

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