Infant Ear Piercing

Blog By M. Mitera

Ear piercing has been a part of many cultures and traditions for a very long time. Most people who have their ears pierced usually had them pierced at a very young age, so young perhaps that they don’t even remember it happening. This could be viewed as a positive. Getting a piercing can be anxiety inducing and being young enough to not remember might be a good idea… right? Well, possibly. We have a very specific view on infant earlobe piercing here at Spider-Bite. While our piercers are adamant about providing the best service possible to everyone they can, we unfortunately are not able to handle such young clients and there’s a few reasons as to why.

Here at Spider-Bite, we do not use piercing guns. Not only do they jam, but they cannot be fully sterilized (an alcohol wipe does not count as sterilizing and piercing guns are plastic, meaning they cannot be sterilized in an autoclave or statim, the machines we use to clean our tools). This opens the door for so many extra complications and infections. We do not use the piercing guns here, nor do we endorse their use for anything other than tagging the ears of cattle. Instead, we use a hypodermic needle. These are very sharp, made to puncture the skin quickly and smoothly, providing no extra discomfort for the piercee. But at the same time, this means that the client needs to stay very still to avoid a needle stick to either them or the piercer. Since infants aren’t old enough to understand this, piercing them can be very tricky. Especially with earlobes, as it’s two piercings, not just one. So without the client being able to fully understand what’s happening, it can put both them and the piercer at risk.

Another reason that we don’t pierce under the age of seven years is because the client simply can’t ask for the piercing. If they’re not old enough to ask for it, they aren’t old enough to understand what was outlined in the above paragraph. This makes it extremely difficult to pierce an infant. They don’t know why this strange person is hurting them, they don’t know why their parent is letting it happen, they don’t know what an ear piercing is. So they simply just cry. It can be a very upsetting experience for the child, as well as the piercer and their parents. Without having a great deal of experience in these situations, problems can be presented and we do not want any of our clients to have problems! The child also cannot verify the markings for the piercing which makes things a bit difficult.

While we do have a very specific policy about what age we start piercing at, we do know that there are cultures that have been piercing infants ears for a long time, with very few problems. If you are set on getting your child’s ear pierced and they are under the age of seven, we recommend that you look in to the Piercing Emporium in Worcester, MA. They use high quality implant grade titanium jewelry and also have a great deal of experience working with younger clients. They also pay much attention to the aftercare that they give these young clients, as taking care of an infant piercing falls on the parent since the child is too young to care for them themselves. It is kind of a hike to Worcester but again, we do not recommend any other shop to perform infant ear piercings, as many of their procedures and processes are not up to industry standards.

The bottom line when it comes to getting your infants ears pierced; do your research. Make sure that you ask questions about the sterilization equipment, ask to see licenses, ask them for their spore tests, ask if their jewelry is threadless or internally threaded, be sure that they’re using implant grade titanium. There are many factors that apply to piercings and as a parent, it’s up to you to make sure that you bring your child to a reputable shop. And if you have a child that’s seven years or older, we can absolutely pierce their ears (with a consultation beforehand).

Our goal here at Spider-Bite Body Piercing is to make everyone comfortable, happy, and healthy. Our piercers do their best to ensure that happens for everyone who walks through our doors. We hope that you understand and if you have any questions regarding our young client policy, you can email

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