Young Client Policy

Here at Spider-Bite, we accept clients between 6 – 13 years of age for basic earlobe piercings. The reasoning behind this choice of age is because we believe that a child should be able to consent to the procedure. Before we even get to the piercing, our piercers require that you bring in your child to have a free consultation in order to determine if your child is ready and responsible enough for piercings. During the consultation, the piercers will talk to the child and explain what will happen. By treating the young client as an adult, it makes them feel more comfortable and respected. If the child can keep eye contact and hold the conversation with our piercers, we can proceed with booking an appointment.

Usually, we do not do the piercing the same day as the consultation. This applies especially to young clients who seem unsure or cannot hold eye contact. If the child seems to be nervous, our piercers will suggest waiting a bit until going through with the piercings. They have wonderful suggestions to help build up your child’s level of responsibility to get them to where they need to be in order to properly care for their fresh piercings. It is our goal to make this experience a pleasant one for the young client and we will not force them to do it if we don’t think that they are ready. Not every child is able to care for fresh piercings and we do not want to set any of our clients up for failure.

After the consultation, if the child seems ready and responsible, we will book an appointment for the piercing. We suggest not scheduling the appointment on a special day like a birthday or anything, as sometimes plans can change and things may need to be rescheduled. We don’t want the young client to be disappointed. The best times to book a young client ear piercing appointment would be Tuesday through Thursday, as those tend to be slower days in the shop. We don’t like to rush through any piercing but especially with the young clients, we like to take our time.

All nasal, facial and navel piercings are restricted to ages 14+. 14 is an age we feel is appropriate to perform these piercings with parental consent.

For parental information, we like to remind everyone that we do not use piercing guns, nor do we condone their use for body piercings. Piercing guns are unable to be completely sterilized, as they can not be put through sterilizing machines such as an autoclave or statim. They are made of plastic and the high heat and pressure of these machines would essentially destroy the piercing gun. Spider-Bite piercers use hypodermic needles, which are made for going through skin. With incredible attention to sterilization and client comfort, you can be sure that your child will have a great experience while in our shop. All aftercare will be gone over after the piercings are completed and any questions you come up with can be directed to our piercers via social media, calling the shop, or stopping by. Any jewelry used for initial piercings is implant grade titanium, a very bio-compatible material, or 14k/18k solid gold. As long as the piercings are well cared for, your child will not have any issues with the jewelry itself.

If you have any questions regarding our young client ear piercing policy, please feel free to email us at or call the shop at (603)645-1449 to speak with one of our piercers. We require the young clients original birth certificate as well as a present parent or legal guardian with a valid ID that has matching information to the birth certificate or the correct guardianship papers.